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614-431-2300 for offsite backup over any internet connection!
The easy secure way to transfer files over the web!!!

Uploading, Downloading, Backup, Remote, Offsite Backup

    Back up your critical data anytime, anywhere to a secure remote server. Retrieve and manage your data easily with no software to install!

    You ( and the users you set up ) upload and download files right from your own section of our secure web site.

Key Features
  • No limit to the number of users you can set up.
  • No limit to hard drive space available.
  • You specify each users upload, download, and delete rights.
  • Each user gets his own list of files he is allowed to download.
  • Our firewall protected servers offer protection for your files.
  • 128 bit SSL encryption for secure uploads and downloads.
  • A great alternative to a FTP server.
  • All uploads and downloads are done through your own secure section of our web site.
  • Easy to use no software needed.
  • Flexible Pricing is based on bandwidth used and maximum hard drive space used. This can be easily monitored with our powerful online reporting features.
  • Read our Full List of Features

Try out our system by uploading and downloading files from our demo account.

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